Houmous with Lemon & Coriander

I tend not to buy ready-made houmous as I prefer to make my own. It’s so easy to do. The hard bit is the 8 to 12 hour wait between first having the idea and getting started. You can of course use canned chickpeas, but it’s never quite as good.

I’m writing this up as I wait for the chickpeas to cool down. They’ve been soaked overnight, rapidly boiled for 10 minutes, scum removed, then slow pressure-cooked for an hour. I’ve made houmous many times before but this is my first time using coriander.

Next step will be putting the chickpeas, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, chopped coriander and olive oil into a blender. (Lots of blending for a smooth dip, less so for a more rustic result. You can add water if it’s too dry.)  I often add cayenne pepper but not this time as I want the main flavour to be coriander and lemon.

Once it’s ready and in a container, criss cross the surface with a fork and pour over some olive oil to keep it fresh.

Rather than stick to exact weights and measurements, I usually just taste it once it’s blended then add whatever it seems to need more of.  Here’s an approximate guideline.


chickpeas – 250g before soaking (usually sold in 500g packs, half makes plenty)
garlic – crushed, 2 cloves, can be more or less, depending on how you like it
tahini (ground sesame seeds) – 3 tablespoons
olive oil – extra virgin, 3 tablespoons
lemon juice – the juice of one lemon
chopped coriander – a handful
salt & pepper to taste

It’s now 24 hours later and I’m pleased to say I’m very happy with the result.  This is what it looks like.

I just had some on toast for breakfast. Tasty, but more garlic than I’m used to first thing!


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