Lavender at the Allotment

I was walking past on my way home last night and it was the smell that caught my attention.  It was like an olfactory ‘oi!’ which a variety of bees had already responded to.  Took a couple of pics wanting to capture the many busy bees at work, but in the one with many they are no more than yellow blurs.  So here’s one with just one and a half in view.

These were friendly bees, they didn’t seem too bothered by me sticking my mobile phone camera in their faces.  But I was more aware of the potential danger thanks to something I’d read the other day.    It was following a visit to an idyllic spot in Hampstead where someone I know has his allotment.  My host mentioned that Allan Jenkins was a fellow allotmenteer.  So once I got home I googled him and found this.  Seems like West London bees may be more laid back than their North London cousins.


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