Foxes, Squirrels & Helicopters

So much for clearing up after yourself ~ this looks like the remains of a squirrel picnic I reckon. It’s mostly the skin of some kind of vegetable, with a single piece of nutshell in between. All the ground around is littered with tasty plums yet they choose to nibble on someone’s prize vegetable (possibly mine, it does look like my squashes).

As well as munching squirrels at the allotment there’s also been a fair amount of feral fox activity nearer to home. They were making a helluva racket on Tuesday night.  Then about 2am they were joined by wailing sirens and a low-flying helicopter.  I looked out of the window to see what was going on and saw two young ones looking up at the skies, also trying to figure out what was happening.  They then decided that, whatever it was, it was not to their liking and they lolloped off.  The noise went on for ages.  I expected to read something about it in the news the following day but never did find out what it was.

And here’s a pic of some of the artichoke plants on my allotment. Of the five I planted back in March, one didn’t make it and the other four are coming along nicely.  Two of the four have just produced some artichokes.  They’re too small to harvest this year but should be ready for eating by next summer.  Hopefully they’re too much like hard work for the squirrels to get their teeth into.


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