Fond Memories of Tripoli

I was saddened by what happened in the outskirts of  Sirte on Thursday.  Following on from the NATO bombing, the killing of Gaddafi appears to have been an execution without trial.

After all the horrific pictures that have appeared these last few days, I have chosen to illustrate this post with this image of the Marcus Aurelius Arch in Tripoli as a reminder of something more enduring.

A few years ago when visiting Libya,  I stayed in a beautifully-renovated, old hotel facing the arch and woke each morning to the sound of calls to prayer from the nearby mosque.  Who would ever have guessed then that events would unfold the way they have.

Many people have died in this bloody, civil war.  For all the rights or wrongs that have happened so far, let’s hope the Libyan people can start to look forward to a brighter and fairer future.


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