Bottled three demijohns from Sept 2011’s grapes, and one left-over one from 2010.  Very happy with the results of the 2011 harvest.  I have my harshest critic coming over to do some wine-tasting tonight.  He’s always brutally honest so I’m curious to hear what he what he has to say.

I’m also thinking of changing the title of this blog.  I chose the word ‘mindful’ because the intention was to focus on mind/body stuff, but it seems to have taken a different direction.  Talking about growing vegetables and exercising is fine, but whenever I do an alcoholic post it always feels a bit inappropriate.  So I guess the choice is either to make the content more mindful, or change the title.  Hmm, the day after bottling and sampling lots of wine is probably not the best time to make that decision.


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