Rescue of a Queen Bee

While doing some gardening last Saturday something in a high-sided bowl caught my eye.  It was a flailing bumblebee, on it’s back in the murky sludge, franticly trying to get upright.  Who knows how long it had been trying, but by the time I spotted it it looked completely exhausted.

Using a nearby envelope, I scooped it out and placed it on the ground nearby.  I then got some kitchen roll and kept an eye on it as it alternated between limping around a bit and resting.  Brought it into the kitchen with me while I had a bite to eat, by which stage it was looking a lot better.  I had to go out so I put it back out in the garden, hoping it would be ok.

Saw no more of it till Tuesday morning when I was sitting at the kitchen table using my laptop, happened to look up and saw it directly in front of me on the floor.  I’d just brought the garden waste through for collection out front.  Figured it must have dropped off from that.

Googled ‘bees’ and found out that it was a Queen Bumblebee, and the reason for not being able to fly was due to her body temperature not being above 30 degrees.  It recommended feeding her with a mixture of honey and water.

She then settled into a routine of spending the nights under the flap of the garden waste recycling bag, and wandering round the garden during the day.  Found her sunbathing on Thursday afternoon, and noticed that she was able to take off in flight briefly.  That was the last time I saw her and I’m guessing she’s now flown off to build her nest elsewhere.

I’d got quite used to her being around.  It was a bit like having a very small, easy-care pet.

She also reminded me of this.  Happy days.


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