This Year’s Spuds: Anyas & Nadines

I’ve done lots of digging at the allotment recently but just the potatoes have gone in so far.  Did so much of it I ended up with a hole in my sole.

I’m trying out using a couple of grow bags to make a raised bed for them.  It does mean the soil dries out quicker, but it should make weeding easier.  They’ve gone in where last year’s runner beans were planted.

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It’s good to be back and busy at the allotment.  I’ve found there to be a helpful and friendly vibe there.  I’d forgotten about it during the winter months.  Good to have been reminded of it in the week gone by.

Speaking of which, got some purple sprouting broccoli from my neighbour.  Half of it went into a quick soup (see below).  The other half went into an omelette the next day.  That didn’t get photographed.  Which is a shame really, because it turned out pretty as a picture.  Well, more photogenic than the featured Veg in Murky Broth.


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