Beef Stew

Beef & veg in red wine sauce, slow-cooked over 12 hours.

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2 responses to “Beef Stew

  1. This looks gorgeous! I love that you just showed it in pictures too – cooking after a while is a lot of ‘gut feel’, don’t you think? I rarely follow recipes to the letter anymore, preferring to add and subtract to suit my tastes and I like that this gives you the freedom to do that. Nom nom.

    PS Wayne is currently making an Indian adaptation of cottage pie that we saw on Saturday Kitchen! MMMM!

  2. Thanks Kim, it was quite tasty. I agree, I tend not to follow recipes too closely. Also, love using a slow-cooker which you can leave to its own devices. Means you can go out, have fun, and return many hours later to a well-simmered, home-cooked meal.

    Like the sound of Wayne’s alternative cottage pie x

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