Slugs & Snails, No Puppydog Tails

Spent the afternoon digging at the allotment yesterday.  Well, digging and picking up dead and dying slugs and snails.  Oh the joys of gardening.

I’ve tried various forms of pest control, such as beer traps and coffee grinds barriers, but I was fighting a losing battle.  So I finally gave in and put down slug pellets.

It does take care of the problem of what I grow getting eaten before I have a chance to.  But I do it with great reluctance.  I already have thoughts such as this in my head as I sprinkle my poison (WARNING: clicking on that link takes you to scenes of a slimy sexual nature).

Then yesterday some of the slugs that had eaten the pellets were still writhing around ages later.  Mentioned it to my neighbour and she said “apparently it does take a while, it basically dehydrates them”.

There is another way I’ve tried which seems more humane than the slow dehydration method.  It involves chopping them in half with secateurs.  But that’s not something I really want to repeat.  Neither is stomping them underfoot.

Latest idea is to go armed with something to collect them in and let them loose in some nearby weedy waste ground.

What a palaver.


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