First Fruits

The fruit plants and bushes I planted last year are coming along nicely.  There are loads of strawberries which the slugs and robins have been making the most of.  (There might be other culprits but the two named are the ones I’ve seen in action.)  Pictured left is what I managed to salvage, my first ever harvest.

There are three vines, gooseberry, blueberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant and raspberry bushes, and blackberry brambles which were already growing when I arrived. I’ve recently also planted rhubarb but that should have been done early spring so I might have missed the boat on that one.


And tomorrow I’ll be tackling the plum tree. Last year it got so heavy with fruit that some of the laden branches actually broke off.

So I’m about to set off to pick up a cordless power saw to help me in the task of pruning it ~ another first.


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