Zen Garden?

next door neighbour’s cat enjoying the covering while it was still in place


Last week my gazebo blew away. (Well, it’s not actually my gazebo, it’s on loan.  And it didn’t actually blow away, it just ripped up half the garden as it flapped around in the high winds. But the first phrase makes for a better opener than the second and third.)

It was attached by ropes to a fence, a shed, and a tree. So in a blustering gale I set about untying it whilst also trying to keep a firm grip on the various parts as I went. Muttered some very un-zen phrases as I struggled not to get blown away myself.

The gazebo is quite large and my garden is quite small so having it up basically turned the garden into an extension of the kitchen. It had been up for a while but now it’s gone I do actually prefer it that way.

All gardening activity has been taking place at the allotment so far but now much of the digging and planting has been done there it’s about time I shifted my focus towards the newly-uncovered garden space.

Feeling quite inspired by this:


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