Succulent Collection

I’ve been busy in the garden, busy at the allotment, even my houseplants have got a look-in recently. They hadn’t been getting much more attention than the occasional, sporadic watering till then.

While pruning, a stem broke off the one succulent plant I had so I put it in a separate pot (left).  I don’t know if you’re supposed to propagate them like that, but sticking it in some earth did seem to offer more hope for the future than just throwing it in the bin.

I then went to IKEA for some other stuff and happened to walk past the four pictured on the right on my way out.  So I now peer through a mini avenue of them as I look out of the window when sitting at my desk.  They make a nice contrast to the solid brick wall opposite.

I also have a succulent picture on my wall, something that’s been in place for a while now (below).  It was a cheap and cheerful photograph printed onto canvas.  That’s actually how my appreciation of them as a species started, by coming across this image.  Now that I know how easy they are to care for, and the many, varied forms they come in, I can see my collection growing.  It’s a collection that was haphazardly started, now to be consciously continued.


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