Ganesh Picture

The Hindu Elephant God seems to be making regular appearances at the moment.  It’s been happening since I posted the YouTube chant.  It hasn’t always been in the recognisable form of Ganesha, but I have noticed a marked rise in the incidence of elephant appearances.  And that’s not something you’d necessarily expect in West London.


The latest sighting was in a local charity shop.  Someone had painted this lively image onto stretched canvas and at only £4 I couldn’t resist buying it.  I don’t think they quite finished the job, it looks like they stopped half way through painting the trunk.  Or perhaps it was intentional?  Either way it didn’t matter, I think it just adds to its charm.

As I was paying for it I mentioned the fact that Ganesh seemed to be a bit of a theme at the moment.  The manager, who’d been on the other side of the shop, came over and told me to wait a second, she had something for me.  She returned with a little Ganesh figurine which she said was for me, at no extra charge.  It now has pride of place at the end of the Avenue of Succulent Trees.


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