Purple Fruit

It’s a Saturday morning, it’s the first day of September, and it’s looking cold and grey and miserable outside.  I took these pictures at the allotment last week when it still felt like summer.  The plum tree was full of ripe plums, there was an abundance of succulent blackberries growing amongst the brambles, and it actually felt like proper summertime for a change.

While the blackberries are slowly fading, the plums have made a sudden disappearance. I went there ready to do some serious picking only to find there were none. Just a few short days before there had been loads.

There were also hardly any fallen ones on the ground. Sad to say I suspect someone has done a thorough job of collecting them. I don’t mind people sampling the odd bits of fruit which grow on my plot but to help themselves to the whole lot…  well, I reckon that’s very bad manners indeed.

So this week I’ve mostly been eating runner beans.


2 responses to “Purple Fruit

  1. This happens to me most years, I never get any gooseberries or blackcurrants and I can sympathise with you 100 percent its becoming a big problem with plot holders that they get their produce stolen.
    When I was a child like most children then we used to go scrum-ping but would never clear everything, we would take a few and leave most but nowadays they clear you out and its infuriating to say the least its nothing more than stealing.
    I net everything and the thieves remove the netting take everything then throw the netting back over, dont they realise or care how heartbreaking it is to go to your plot ready to pick and theres nothing, it makes my blood boil.

  2. I was quite disappointed. It’s one thing to not find much fruit, but to find none at all… You do need a key to get in, so it’s either another plot holder or someone who’s broken in. We do get vandalism so it is possible that someone broke in and helped themselves.

    Oh well, I suppose it’s better they steal fruit than mindlessly smash things up. Hope they put it to good use!

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