Pumpkin Butter?

I had never heard of pumpkin butter before I saw it on the shelf of an As Nature Intended shop.  It had quite a high price tag attached, so I made a mental note to google the recipe at some later stage.

Having checked out the recipes, I found it to be a sweeter product than I imagined.  I quite like the idea of a savoury spread.  But in the absence of any non-sweet recipes I went for this one.

I did do it a bit differently though.  Since I only had whole cloves and they’re quite fiddly to grind, I added them whole, then sieved the mixture before refrigerating it.  I also added the spices while the mixture was simmering rather than at the end.

I’ve also renamed it as a spread in the ‘how to’ slideshow below as it doesn’t really seem like a kind of butter to me.


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