Pond Life & Honey

Went to the allotment yesterday to get beans for the Pasta Fagioli dish I’m about to make.  Not many beans there, but I did get some broccoli and cauliflower I wasn’t expecting to find.

Something else I wasn’t expecting to find was a hibernating hoary toad.  I lifted a bucket of frozen water and noticed movement underneath.  There are some ponds on nearby plots, but it had chosen my pond-less one for his winter retreat.  Perhaps I should create one?  I already have frogs in the garden, then I’d also have toads down the road.

And a hive too perhaps?

07I was in a nearby health food shop wanting to get some local honey.  There was some from a few miles away that cost £6.  There was also some from Zambia that cost only £3.  I don’t mind paying a bit more for locally grown produce, but twice as much is a bit too much.

So I went for the Zambian one pictured here.  It has all sort of things going for it like no sugar feeding or antibiotics, no GMOs nearby, as well as being Fair Trade.  More info here.

Right, time to get my pinny on and get chopping.


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