From Elegant Grunge to Piano Black

With spring now finally underway I thought it was about time for a blog revamp.  Which WordPress theme to go for wasn’t an easy decision with so many to choose from.  After lots of umming and ahhing I’ve decided to go with Piano Black, a good one for displaying images.

Lots to do at the allotment at the moment of course.  I’ve just planted out garlic, jerusalem artichoke and beans, plus have more still growing indoors. The big battle at the moment is with couch grass as can be seen in the slideshow below.  It’s grown rampant thanks to me not having done much there since last autumn, so removing it is a very hard slog.

One advantage of the long grass is that it’s attracted something that’s good for gardeners.  A few weeks ago I lifted the watering can to find what looked like a snake underneath .  Curious to know what kind it was I took a photo of it (see slideshow) and someone identified it as a slow worm.  It might look like a snake and have a wormy name but it’s actually a legless lizard.   And it feeds on slugs.  Hope it stays around.


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