Internet Poster Campaign

I’ve been busy this evening, trying to combine posting stuff for a campaign by a Facebook group called ‘Stop Killing Cyclists’ whilst simultaneously running around doing other things.  The end result has been that I haven’t done as much as I’d hoped to help make London more like Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

I’m now back home and this is the last thing I’ll do before turning in and hopefully falling asleep after my head hits the pillow.

One of the things involved popping in to see my parents.  I told my father about what I was doing and he in turn told me a story about long ago, when he once was cycling up Holland Park Avenue in London’s Notting Hill.  It must have been a very long time ago because I can’t remember the last time I saw him ride a bike.

He explained how a huge lorry overtook him to turn left into Ladbroke Grove as he was trying to go straight on.  He had to leap off onto the pavement to avoid getting run over by the lorry, which actually mounted the pavement as it turned.  A policeman witnessed the whole thing but was unfazed, and certainly wasn’t interested in doing anything about it.

This might have happened sometime last century but little has changed since then.  It’s actually quite an unremarkable story since it’s something that happens so often.  What is unusual is that it was my non-cycling father who told me it the very same evening I was posting images such as this.

Subvertisement-TMK2-This-HGV-is-lethalMore to follow.


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