Ginger & Celery & Secret Recipe

The shed is still upside down but stripped and ready to be moved.  Hoping to get that done soon, subject to other people’s availability.


In the meantime I’ve sown seeds at home, stuff I’ve grown before, like tomatoes, peppers and chives.  As well as that I’m also trying a couple of new things: ginger and celery.  All these years I’ve been buying those two items unaware of their easy growing potential.


Well, ginger isn’t necessarily that easy as the UK weather might be a bit cold for it.  But I was surprised when I did a search on ‘growing celery’ and found out that all I needed to do to get started was stick the ends in some water and they’d soon sprout.

And here they are, two from last week, the other one started yesterday.



And here’s a picture of some ingredients I’m about to conjur up into a dish I’ve blogged about before…



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