New Boots and Park Life

I’m a bit of a fair-weather cyclist. I’m also not out in all weathers at the allotment. No longer having a dog to walk or being a member of a gym I’ve been getting a lot less exercise since the arrival of plummeting temperatures and looming weather bombs. So I decided to invest in a pair of these…P1080282

… and they’ve worked a treat. Not only am I now doing more pavement pounding and park walking, I’ve also been finding some new routes along the way.

One recent discovery is Hanwell. I live right next door to it but I’ve never really paid it much attention before. Although bits of it can be a bit grotty, there are some really beautiful, old, and interesting parts too. Like this place for instance, spotted whilst making my way across newly-discovererd Churchfields Recreation Ground.  Apparently it’s home to the largest bat cave complex in the whole of London, possibly even the whole of the south of England.

And here’s what Gunnersbury Park looked like about a week ago

ps this week’s title comes courtesy of Ian Dury, Twitter, Russell Brand, & Blur


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