New Year

A new year that’s fast becoming an old year!

Pleased to say that much meditative mindfulness took place in the first two months of 2015, a mindful state that was accompanied by total silence on the blog front.  Last weekend I did get started on the allotment though, so here are some pics to get back into it.

First job was cleaning grassy carpets:


I also gave the brambles a good prune.  There was loads to cut back, but I only thought of taking a picture once I was finished, so here’s a shot of it in semi-darkness:


Once I got home I remembered having heard something about garlic needing to go in the ground before 21st Feb.  So I quickly stuck it in a planter in the garden.  Next day I googled it but couldn’t find any reference to that deadline.  Oh well good to have got it started anyway.  Better nestled in the earth already than in hidden away in some drawer somewhere that doesn’t get opened again till mid-summer…


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