Garlic Transplant

The guilt finally got too much for me.  So despite the fact that the sun was low in the sky when I got back home today, I quickly grabbed the rapidly-growing bulbs from the garden and headed off to the allotment to get digging.


My neighbour from a couple of plots along also happened to be there, with a reassuring fire on the go. So I didn’t feel under as much pressure to get outta there as I normally do when I’m there around dusk.  And besides the human company there was also the occasional passing fox.

The main drawback once the sun has gone is not actually being able to see what you’re doing.  But thanks to the wonders of technology, and the flash facility on my camera phone, I now know that it’s 17 garlic plants I successfully managed to get into the ground. 🙂



2 responses to “Garlic Transplant

  1. Thanks! That’s actually a great idea, I have some solar-powered fairy lights in the garden I could put to good use. Not exactly the brightest of lights, but it will at least light things up a bit 😉

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