Artichoke Bracelet

We will be celebrating my aunt’s birthday today, and we were under strict instructions not to buy any presents. So I made something instead. Here is the result:

DSC_0376 (2)

It’s made of amethyst, jet and pearl, and will arrive as a Trojan horse hiding in a box of artichoke tea.

I have been busy in the allotment too, photos to follow.

My Pyromaniacal Sunday

It’s exactly one month since my last post and everything’s been growing like triffids.

It’s also been very hot, so hot that last week the trains stopped running.  Not good for commuters, but great for drying out the huge pile-for-burning that was threatening to take over my whole plot.  Armed with what was supposed to be a weed burner (on loan) I got a great roaring fire going in no time.

And now I’m heading back there to do lots more watering after having generated so much heat on an already hot day.  Not planning to stay there till after dark this time.  Well, that’s the plan.